What is play therapy?

Why Play?

Play and Creative arts is the language of children and young people and the toys and arts are their words. Children and young people often struggle to find the words to describe their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What Resources are used?

Art and craft materialsThe standard play therapy kit includes:

Why does Play Therapy Work?

Play therapy works because it allows children and young people the opportunity to express themselves freely in a safe environment.

It enables the child/young person to:

During Play therapy sessions, children/young people develop a trusting, therapeutic relationship with their therapist. This relationship enables them to express themselves, explore and make sense of their difficult and painful experiences.

Where and how is play therapy carried out?

Play therapy is carried out in a safe room, the play therapy resources are provided. Sessions are at the same time and day each week. Some children/young people will respond to a short term intervention of 6 -12 sessions of individual play therapy. However sometimes a longer term intervention may be required.

Sessions are non-judgemental, child/person centred and predominantly child/young person led.

The principles of non directive play therapy

Much of current play therapy practice is based upon Virginia Axline’s work ( Dibs, in search of self, 1964)

The therapist: